Willow Diamonds

Jacquie Earle

Jacquie Earle

…redefining the creative artistry of diamond jewelry.

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Jacquie Earle, award-winning jewelry designer with 30+ years of experience including textile design, has been creating her signature floating diamond jewelry since 2011. In 2018, she launched Willow Diamonds, a name that embodies freedom of movement.

Jacquie has always designed and produced her fine jewelry in the U.S. where she can develop her designs directly on the bench and oversee quality control.

“Our quality both in materials and craftsmanship, is simply uncompromising,” she says proudly. “We alloy our own gold responsibly. And diamond grading, testing, and detection is a serious focus of our quality control.”

Willow Diamonds features a variety of fancy shapes – pear, marquise, princess – in addition to round diamonds – laser pierced and joined with proprietary platinum wires in 18K gold jewelry. Free of traditional mounts the diamonds move and glow and sparkle with more fire land and light. The look is characteristically feminine, yet flirty, modern and fluid. Designed to be wearable and most importantly, enjoyed for many generations.

Willow Diamonds, being made in the USA, custom work is also easily integrated into the designs. This offers customers the opportunity to add or trade up their Willow Diamonds jewelry.

“Life changes,” says Jacquie, “and so should your jewelry. Let’s all get creative together!”

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